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Extended Life Filter Bags Can Improve Your Filtration Process and Save You Money
Unit of Measure


Bag Material

N/A Polyester Food Grade

Micron Rating

N/A 5 µm

Bag Cover Layer

N/A Plain

Bag Size

N/A 7 x 17 in

Collar/Ring Type

N/A Santoprene SENTINEL Ring, Welded


N/A 30


N/A Large

Duragaf™ Filter Bags for High Performance

N/A DURAGAF filter bags represent the state-of-the-art in needled felt bag filter media. Their unique structure delivers equal filtration performance with lifetimes 2-5 times longer than ordinary felt media. The result is reduced operating costs due to lower bag consumption, downtime, change-out labor, storage and disposal.

Why Duragaf™ Filter Bags Last Longer

N/A DURAGAF filter bags are available in two extended life materials: polypropylene (code POXL) or polyester (code PEXL). These two materials utilize a fiber blend with a finer fiber diameter and a higher weight than ordinary media. The result is a dramatically higher dirt holding capacity at the same efficiency and differential pressure. Processes run longer and need fewer bag changes with DURAGAF filter bags.

All-Welded Construction for Superior Performance

N/A All DURAGAF filter bags feature 100% welded fabrication and the Eaton SENTINEL® seal. This construction eliminates the bypass which can occur in standard sewn filter bags. Eaton proprietary welding technology produces a super-strong seam that will stand up to even the most demanding applications without failure.

Duragaf™ Filter Bags Seal Better in Critical Applications

N/A The patented SENTINEL® seal is standard on all DURAGAF filter bags. The unique, pressure-actuated ring actually improves its seal as differential pressure increases.

No Downstream Fiber Contamination

N/A All DURAGAF filter bags are manufactured with a proprietary downstream surface treatment to prevent fiber migration. A special finish is obtained by glazing the surface, melting fibers together to form a tight, secure downstream matrix. In addition, the weld seams are heat bonded to eliminate loose fibers which might result during fabrication.

Food and Beverage Applications

N/A DURAGAF filter bags are available in models (POXLF, PEXLF) which are compliant with FDA and EC requirements for food contact.