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  • Barinco Reversible Mixer

    Two mixing actions and an adjustable roto/stator gap provide maximum shear and efficieny.

    The Arde Barinco Axial-Flow Reversible Homogenizer provides consistent, measured flow through its high-shear zone. Standard radial flow mixers use total flow calculated with optimistic assumptions. Not the precision most process engineers require.

    For more than 30 years, process engineers in the chemical, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, textile and coatings industries have relied on the Reversible Homogenizer from Arde Barinco. Its high-shear axial flow and highly efficient dual mode process disperses, emulsifies, and ‘wets out’ powders and re-suspends settled solids. And it works in a fraction of the time it takes ordinary mixers.


    With a simple adjustment, you set the gap between rotor and stator exactly where you want it: tighten it for the highest shearing rates of any batch rotor/stator on the market. This creates a degree of precision that produces colloid mill-type results from a rotor/stator batch mixer.


    Other mixers may claim to be reversible, but their radial impellers simply push the mixture sideways, regardless of which direction they turn. The Arde Barinco Reversible Homogenizer offers true reversibility. The Reversible Homogenizer’s efficient, axial flow impeller creates two distinct mixing actions, depending on direction. Downward Vortex flow pulls in solids that tend to float on top and pushes off solids that settle on the bottom. The upward Umbrella flow ensures thorough control of the mixing at the highest shearing and recirculation rates without splashing or incorporating air.


    The Reversible Homogenizer’s incredible efficiency comes from a hydrodynamically optimized pumping design that provides higher recirculating rates through a far wider range of viscosity profiles. In addition, every model utilizes close-clearance zones to provide a combination of intense mechanical and hydraulic shear forces. Because the Reversible Homogenizer works faster than conventional mixers, you increase throughput without increasing operating costs. Why run two standard mixers when one Reversible Homogenizer can do the job? There’s a wide range of Reversible Homogenizers available, from the lab-size CJ-4C to the high-volume C-5-3. Each mixes materials in a wide range of viscosities, and each outperforms competitive mixers— even those with higher power requirements.

  • DICON In-line Dispersing Grinders

    Durable, versatile, effective mixing machines that combine grinding, dispersing, shearing and emulsifying with pumping capabilities.

    Whether you’re working in the laboratory, prototyping a new process, or looking for an in-line grinder that can swallow tanker trucks full of abrasive slurry -- ARDE Barinco can meet your needs.

    Arde Barinco Dicon in-line wet grinders, with three decades of proven performance in high-volume production applications around the world, provide solutions to a wide range of mixing, grinding and production problems.

    • Dispersing Grinders from 2” to 10”.
    • From 1 to 1000 gpm (0.1 to 240 m3/hour).
    • Abrasion-Resistant Materials Available.


    The Dicon grinding action repeatedly accelerates and decelerates the materials, forcing them to undergo numerous changes in direction.

    The materials are crushed and subjected to eddy currents in a very high turbulence zone between the two sets of intermeshing teeth. The grinding action is continuously repeated as the materials move toward the discharge port.

    A patented impeller with three helical blades rotates at highspeed inside a matching, tubular housing. The rotating impeller creates a negative pressure differential, centrifugal-shoveling and positive axial thrust - - drawing materials into intensive shear zones.

    The centrifugal force abruptly changes the direction of the materials and drives them against the inner surface of the toothed cylindrical liner. Sharply angled teeth on the edges of the impeller blades shear the materials and force them through a tortuous path.

    The materials are crushed and subjected to eddy currents in a very high turbulence zone between the two sets of intermeshing teeth. The grinding action is continuously repeated as the materials move toward the discharge port.

    An optional discharge grid plate with a precisely positioned series of venturi-type orifices (from 1/32" to 3/4" I.D.), provides positive particle size control. Materials must exit through one of the small precision ports. The partially-restricted discharge area provides reproducable control of both retention time and dispersion.



    Dicon in-line grinders shred solid surfaces, grind particles, smash agglomerates, and reduce dissolving or dispersing time. The unique, high-shear design insures fast mixing and complete solid-to-liquid contact. You get faster batch turnover and improved production flow.


    The Dicon in-line grinder subjects a small volume of material to intense shear, using energy more efficiently than mixing equipment that swirls large volumes of liquids. The powerful pumping action usually eliminates the need for transfer pumps. You save on energy costs.


    Easy to change impellers, liners and discharge gates allow one ARDE Dicon in-line grinder to disperse, grind, emulsify, shear, mix or blend up to 70% solids or liquids with viscosities as high as 250,000 centipoise. Designed for use in-line or recirculating to process vessels. You get a durable, versatile in-line grinder and pump with hundreds of potential applications.


    Aerospace-quality engineering and precision manufacturing using the finest materials assure trouble-free start-up and long life. The standard cantilevered impeller requires no lubrication. Loss of fluid won't damage the dependable Dicon or heavy-duty Megagrinder. Specially hardened, abrasion-resistant models with heavy-duty bearings and seals are available for extra-tough applications. The simplicity of the design assures easy inspection and maintenance. You get reliability.


    The Dicon in-line grinder's ability to grind and pump fluids with a wide range of viscosities, high-solid slurries and other hard to handle liquids may allow you to replace two pieces of equipment with one. In conjunction with metered feed streams, you may even be able to replace mixing vessels, agitators and transfer pumps.

    You get savings in capital equipment costs, installation charges, space requirements, maintenance and energy consumption.


    The precisely machined orifices of the discharge plate grid assure particle size conrol and prevent nozzle clogging - - even in single-pass processes. Your process is protected from down-time.

  • DISPERSHEAR Continuous In-line Mixing System

    Disperse hard-to-mix powders into uniform, lump-free product with independantly controlled flow and feed rates.

    Only Dispershear from Arde Barinco lets you control the feed rate of solids as well as the flow rate of liquids.

    The result is a remarkably efficient system that produces smooth, uniform dispersions with no waste and no agglomerates. Dispershear evenly incorporates fine powders that can be difficult to disperse with conventional systems.


    Dispershear’s one-pass operation won't harm long-chain molecules or other shear-sensitive materials.

    The key is the variable-speed auger running along the bottom of the solids holding hopper. By adjusting the auger's speed, you control the rate at which solids feed into the powder chute -- slowly for fine powders, faster for maximum productivity.

    The liquid also enters the powder chute at the rate you specify. Because the liquid flow washes the walls of the powder chute, the problems of solids build-up and plugging are eliminated. The entire mixture is washed down into the dispersion chamber.

    Residence time in the disperson chamber is a mere 0.2 seconds, requiring very little energy.


    Dispershear handles a wide variety of solids (including light powders such as flour, xanthan gum and Carbopol®) and liquids (including water, solvents or any other liquid pre-mix).

    It can produce low-viscosity suspensions, high-viscosity dispersions or anything in between. And it mixes large or small quantities, continuously or in batches.

    This versatility makes Dispershear perfect for a variety of industries, including food, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and toiletries, textiles and coatings.


    Dispershear mixes faster than conventional mixers. That's because the powder particles combine with the fluid almost instantly, and are dispersed quickly by the remarkably efficient impulser. This leads to increased production in less time. You realize material savings because there are no lumps to filter out. You reduce labor costs too, because the variable speed auger eliminates manual feeding of fine powders. And Dispershear comes apart quickly for easy cleaning with minimal down time