Industry’s Filtration Partner
Flotrex GF Capsule Filters (CFGF) are constructed with durable acrylic resin bonded glass microfiber media for superior performance in applications with excessive particle burden. CFGF filters provide excellent protection for final membrane filters and are also exceptional final filters in applications that do not require membrane filtration. Figure 1 shows the variety of Flotrex GF Capsule Filters.
  • Flotrex GF has acrylic resin-bonded glass microfiber media
  • Reliable particle retention
  • Excellent service life in applications with severe particle loads
  • Polypropylene structure for enhanced chemical resistance
  • Excellent protection for final membrane filters
  • Ideal for batch or small volume processes
Unit of Measure




Absolute Micron Rating

N/A 3.0 µm


N/A 1/2" NPT Male


N/A Trademark of General Electric Company; may be registered in one or more countries

Filter Dimensions

Capsule Size

N/A Small


N/A 3.5 in9 mm

Effective Filtration Area

N/A 0.5 ft²465 cm²
Length1 N/A 3.5 - 5.0 in9 - 13 cm

Materials of Construction

Filtration Media

N/A Acrylic Resin-Bonded Glass Microfiber

Support Layers

N/A Polypropylene Microfiber

Structural Components

N/A Polypropylene

Operational Limits

Maximum Operational Pressure @ 70ºF (21ºC) in Liquid

N/A 80 psi5.5 bar

Maximum Operational Pressure @ 70ºF (21ºC) in Gas

N/A 55 psi3.8 bar

Maximum Differential Pressure @ 70ºF (21ºC)

N/A 60 psi4.1 bar

Maximum Operating Temperature at ≤30 psi (2.1 bar) Operating Pressure

N/A 110 ºF43 ºC

Typical Applications


  • Pre-filtration for a wide variety of pharmaceuticals including serums, tissue culture media, and protein solutions
  • Pre- and final filtration of cosmetics
  • Pre-filtration of beverages
  • Final filtration of beverages that do not require membrane filtration
  • Filtration of water for protozoan reduction
  • Filtration of compatible paints and coatings

  • Additional Information

    N/A Flotrex GF filters may be autoclaved or in-situ steam sterilized (up to 257ºF [125ºC], 30 minute cycles) for a maximum accumulated exposure of 10 hours. Alternatively, the filters may be sanitized with compatible chemical agents.

    GE certifies that the materials contained in its Flotrex GF Capsule filters meet U.S. FDA requirements for food contact under the applicable regulations in 21 CFR. For further information, contact the GE Technical Services Department. Flotrex GF filters meet the test criteria for USP class VI-121ºC Plastics.

    GE Water & Process Technologies filter capsules are designed and manufactured for resistance to a wide range of chemical solutions. Conditions will vary with each application and users should carefully verify chemical compatibility. Please contact your GE distributor for more information.

    Figures 2, 3 and 4 show the test data results of flow performance for the small, medium and large Flotrex GF Capsule Filters using a 10-inch length filter.

    • 1 Varies with connection style.