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The Eaton Model 90 Fabricated Simplex Strainer has been designed for manufacturing flexibility. It can be made for pipeline sizes from 1" to 48" in carbon steel or stainless steel although other materials can be specified. Three different ratings of flange connections are commonly available: ANSI Class 150, 300, and 600. Higher pressures are also available. The strainer features an in-line design that adapts to most applications.

Two different types of covers are available. The simplest type is the bolted cover which is simple and cost effective and works well in applications where basket changing is infrequent. A davit assembly can also be specified for larger strainers with heavy covers. This makes it possible for a single person to remove the cover of the strainer.

If the strainer will be opened frequently for basket cleaning, a bolted cover can be less effective because of the time needed to remove and then tighten the bolts. For these applications The Eaton Model 90 Strainer can be ordered with a special, hinged, quick opening cover that is secured by swing bolts. This type of quick opening cover can even be adapted for higher pressure applications. For medium size strainers, 8" to 16", a bolted slide hinge cover is available. This permits a single operator to open the cover. Eaton strainers can also be designed and manufactured with special covers to meet any application requirements.

There is a special, unique Eaton strainer basket for the Model 90 Fabricated Strainer. The basket has a slant top design which improves the flow through the strainer and results in significantly lower pressure drops than would otherwise be the case. The slant top design results in a more compact basket which weighs less than an ordinary basket and makes it possible for a single person to remove it from the strainer housing. A real labor saving feature when it becomes time to clean or change out the basket. Strainer baskets for the Model 90 are made of stainless steel, although almost any type of material can be specified. Basket perforations from 1/32" up to 1" are available and mesh linings in sizes from 20 to 400 mesh for fine straining applications can be specified.

The Model 90 Fabricated Simplex Strainer will meet the requirements of most simplex strainer applications. It is also easy to customize the strainer to meet special application requirements.

Some common, easy-to-fabricate modifications are rotated nozzles, offset nozzles, and horizontal-vertical flow. Rotated inlet and outlet nozzles such as a right angle design can eliminate the requirement for an elbow in the downstream piping. Offset nozzles, lowering or raising either the inlet or outlet nozzle, can often eliminate serious alignment and support problems. The horizontal-vertical design with the flow exiting the strainer at a 90 degree angle can simplify the installation of a strainer in an already existing piping system.

Fabricated simplex strainers can also be designed with a backflush/backwash option. In these designs a piping connection with an on/off backflush valve is fabricated at the strainer bottom and has a connection to the bottom of the strainer basket. When solids accumulate in the bottom of the basket, the backflush valve is opened and the differential pressure between the operating pressure and the backflush system removes the solids without shutting the system down. Backflushing is often supplemented by a back washing operation.

Backwashing is done by having fluid flow, under pressure, in the reverse direction into an empty strainer. This flow reversal backwashes the basket and removes the residual dirt. Backwashing is often regarded as a second step, used to remove dirt not removed by backflushing.

Steam jacketing is another option available for fabricated strainers. Steam jacketing is used to maintain critical fluid temperatures through the strainer. High temperatures are often required to process and transport highly viscous fluids. This modification is designed so that there is no impact on the function or normal maintenance of the strainer. Steam jacketing is available in carbon steel and type 316 stainless steel for service up to 450ºF.

Eaton Model 90 strainers can be designed and fabricated to ASME section VIII and ANSI B31.1, 0.3, 0.4, 0.7, and 0.8 codes. Welders are qualified to ASME Sec. IX.
Unit of Measure


Strainer Model

N/A Model 90

ANSI Class

N/A 150 300 600


N/A Carbon Steel Stainless Steel

Cover Type

N/A Bolted Blind Cover

Nominal Size

N/A 10 in

Perforation Size

N/A 5/32 in

Nominal Area of Pipe

N/A 78.85 in²

Gross Screen Area

N/A 691 in²

Free Area

N/A 435 in²

Ratio Free Area to Pipe Area

N/A 5.52

Dimension A (Class 150)

N/A 32 in

Dimension A (Class 300)

N/A 33 in

Dimension B

N/A 25 in

Dimension C (Class 150)

N/A 13 in

Dimension C (Class 300)

N/A 14 1/2 in

Dimension D

N/A 16 in

Dimension E

N/A 1 1/2 in

Dimension F

N/A 33 in

Cover Net Weight (Class 150)

N/A 170 lb

Unit Net Weight (Class 150)

N/A 450 lb

Cover Net Weight (Class 300)

N/A 307 lb

Unit Net Weight (Class 300)

N/A 710 lb

Cover Opening Options

N/A Bolted Slide Hinge Integral Davit Standard Hinged

Nozzle Placement Options

N/A Horizontal-Vertical Offset Nozzle Rotated Nozzles

Backflush/Backwash Option

N/A Valve Closed - Dirt Accumulated Valve Open - Dirt Removed thru Backwash Piping


N/A Steam Jacket Option



  • Sizes from 4" to 24" - As Standard
  • Available in Carbon Steel - Stainless Steel (SSTL strainers include carbon steel, external non-wetted fasteners as standard)
  • Flanged ANSI Class 150 and 300 - As Standard
  • Flanged Class 600 and higher - Available on request
  • Two cover types available: quick opening hinged & bolted blind
  • Davit assembly optional
  • Basket material: stainless steel, 1/ 32" to 1/ 2" perforation diameter. 20 to 400 mesh linings also available.