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Depth Filter Modules for Critical Process Fluids

DEPTH-CLEAR S Series depth filter modules, constructed of specially formulated cellulose media and inorganic filter aids, provide reliable particle retention and enhanced throughput for superior performance in critical applications. The filter media utilize mechanical and electrokinetic adsorptive capture mechanisms to remove particles, microorganisms, colloids and pyrogen from critical process streams. The module format allows the filtration process to occur within a totally enclosed environment. This eliminates the potential for atmospheric contamination and product loss through leakage.

The DEPTH-CLEAR proprietary formulation process produces filter media with a highly effective filtration area that provides superior particle retention, high contaminant holding capacity, and long on-stream filter life. Manufacturing by means of an advanced, highly automated production process results in very consistent product quality and filtration performance. Each grade is formulated to optimize the retention and flow characteristics, allowing a wide selection of choices to meet an application’s filtration requirements.
Unit of Measure


Media Type

N/A Non-Asbestos

Grade Designation

N/A 45


N/A < 185 ºF


N/A Standard


N/A Handles

Number of Cells

N/A C9

Performance Specifications

Differential Pressure @ 140ºF (60ºC)

N/A to 35 psid2.5 bar

Maximum Operating Temperature

N/A 185 ºF85 ºC

Recommended Flow Rate

N/A 0.5 to 1.0 gpm/ft²20 to 40 lpm/m²

FDA Conformity

N/A All materials conform to FDA standards regarding material contact during food and beverage processing.


N/A DEPTH-CLEAR Series filter components comply with USP XXII standards for Class VI-121 plastics.

Materials of Construction

Media Material

N/A Cellulose Fibers with Inorganic Filter Aids

End Caps Material

N/A Polypropylene

Cartridge Straps Material

N/A Stainless Steel

Gasket Material

N/A Ethylene Propylene Neoprene Nitrile PTFE Silicone Viton®

Nominal Dimensions


N/A 11 1/8 in28.3 cm


N/A 7 11/16 in19.5 cm

Filter Area

N/A 11 ft²1.0 m²



  • High surface area filter modules provide superior filtration performance and long on-stream life cycles.
  • The proprietary formulation process results in depth media with exceptional particle retention via mechanical and electrokinetic capture.
  • The advanced manufacturing process control results in very uniform filtration media and consistent lot-to-lot performance.
  • Filter modules are easy to handle and install allowing for quick and easy change-outs.
  • Very high surface area per module results in small space requirements for filter housings.
  • All materials conform to FDA guidelines regarding material contact in food and beverage processing.
  • Non-toxic - meets the requirements of USP-XXIII, Class VI Biological tests for Plastics.
  • Special formulations available for high temperature applications.



  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Juices, Cider
  • Brines, Broths, Edible Oil
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Inks and Dyes
  • Chemicals
  • Resins
  • Inks
  • Varnishes
  • Fragrances


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