Industry’s Filtration Partner
  • DURAGAF™ Filter Bags

    Extended Life Filter Bags Can Improve Your Filtration Process and Save You Money

  • SNAP-RING® Sewn Construction Filter Bags

    For over 30 years, SNAP-RING® filter bags have been critical components of filtration systems worldwide. The wide range of media materials, affordable price, and reliability of construction have made them the ideal choice for applications in nearly all process industries.

  • ACCUGAF™ Filter Bags

    ACCUGAF™, Filter Bags for Applications Demanding Efficiency >99%

    The ACCUGAF filter bag pushes the boundaries of bag filtration technology far beyond traditional designs. With efficiencies >99%, each ACCUGAF model provides cost-effective filtration solutions for demanding applications. The five models assure users that particles from the range of 1.25 microns can be removed effectively while delivering long service life.

  • SENTINEL® Welded Construction Filter Bags

    Now, applications requiring polypropylene or polyester felt filter bags can take advantage of the all-welded construction afforded by Eaton patented SENTINEL® Filter Bags. These bags, made from silicone-free materials, feature super-strong welded construction rather than sewn seams. This construction ensures that nothing bypasses the process media through holes in sewn fabric.

  • HAYFLOW™ Revolutionary New Filter Elements

    HAYFLOW™ Filter Element - The Next Generation of Filtration Systems

    This new, patent pending filter element has combined the best of both bag and cartridge filters into one single filtration element for outstanding filtration performance. Because the surface area of the HAYFLOW element is up to 70% greater than a similar size filter bag, existing systems that use it experience longer filter element life and less changing, resulting in reduced running costs. Designers of new bag filtration systems can opt for reduced running costs or, because of the high flow rates possible with Hayflow filter element, reduce filter housing size by up to 50% thus lowering the initial cost of the system.

    Still Not Sure if HAYFLOW™ Filter Element is Right for You?
    Contact us. We can show you how you can save money and improve your filtration process using HAYFLOW filter elements.

    Remember "Filter Cost" and "Filtration Cost" are Not the Same Thing
    We can explain the difference and demonstrate the Hayflow filter element advantage in your application.

  • PROGAF™ Filter Bags

    The Filter Bag that Works Better Than a Filter Cartridge

    PROGAF filter bags bring a new, high-performance alternative to applications requiring absolute filtration. PROGAF filter bags’ progressive density depth filtration delivers high efficiency (up to 99.98%) and long life with all the convenient features of a bag filter. In comparison with other filtration technologies, PROGAF filter bags deliver lower operating costs while retaining the ease of change-out typical of a bag filter.