Industry’s Filtration Partner
The Arde Barinco Axial-Flow Reversible Homogenizer provides consistent, measured flow through its high-shear zone. Standard radial flow mixers use total flow calculated with optimistic assumptions. Not the precision most process engineers require. For more than 30 years, process engineers in the chemical, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, textile and coatings industries have relied on the Reversible Homogenizer from Arde Barinco. Its high-shear axial flow and highly efficient dual mode process disperses, emulsifies, and ‘wets out’ powders and re-suspends settled solids. And it works in a fraction of the time it takes ordinary mixers.


With a simple adjustment, you set the gap between rotor and stator exactly where you want it: tighten it for the highest shearing rates of any batch rotor/stator on the market. This creates a degree of precision that produces colloid mill-type results from a rotor/stator batch mixer.


Other mixers may claim to be reversible, but their radial impellers simply push the mixture sideways, regardless of which direction they turn. The Arde Barinco Reversible Homogenizer offers true reversibility. The Reversible Homogenizer’s efficient, axial flow impeller creates two distinct mixing actions, depending on direction. Downward Vortex flow pulls in solids that tend to float on top and pushes off solids that settle on the bottom. The upward Umbrella flow ensures thorough control of the mixing at the highest shearing and recirculation rates without splashing or incorporating air.


The Reversible Homogenizer’s incredible efficiency comes from a hydrodynamically optimized pumping design that provides higher recirculating rates through a far wider range of viscosity profiles. In addition, every model utilizes close-clearance zones to provide a combination of intense mechanical and hydraulic shear forces. Because the Reversible Homogenizer works faster than conventional mixers, you increase throughput without increasing operating costs. Why run two standard mixers when one Reversible Homogenizer can do the job? There’s a wide range of Reversible Homogenizers available, from the lab-size CJ-4C to the high-volume C-5-3. Each mixes materials in a wide range of viscosities, and each outperforms competitive mixers— even those with higher power requirements.
Unit of Measure



N/A 7 - 10 hp

Rotor Diameter

N/A 5 in


N/A 3,600

Tip Speed

N/A 4,710 ft/min

Flow Water, Upward mixing mode

N/A 464 gpm

Immersion Depth

N/A 45 in

Product Contact Parts

N/A Standard Type 316 stainless steel. Alternative materials, abrasionresistant models, and all FDA accepted materials also available.

Motors, Models CJ-20 and larger

N/A Explosionproof, Class I, Group D or TEFC: 3-phase, 60 Hertz, 230-460 volts or 575 volts. Variable speed invertors available.

Mixing Head Bearing/Sleeve

N/A Rulon bearing with stainless steel sleeve. Abrasion-resistant sleeve and Stellite bearing or Bronze bearings also available.