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Capture, clean, expel: how Ronningen-Petter systems from Eaton work
Every process is unique - that’s why we offer several backwashing/tubular systems in several configurations.

Our flagship tubular systems. During backwash, a single tube is taken off-line from the process flow via a three-way valve. Once an element is clean, it is returned to service and the next element may be cleaned. The remaining elements in the filter remain operational throughout this cycle. F-Series and AFC-Series multiplex units consist of 2-20 individual tubes valved in parallel to common inlet, outlet, and drain headers. AFC-Series units are also available in economical single and duo-tube configurations, which must be removed from service for manual cleaning.

F-Series - robust, modular capability for a wide range of liquids

For continuous high-flow service and solids removal from 1 to 1,700 microns, Ronningen-Petter’s F-Series multiplex filter systems are an excellent choice. Standard F-Series systems are rated for 250 psi (17 bar) service and single system flow rates up to 3,000 gpm (681 m3/hr). F-Series features three-way ball valves, automated cleaning with direct mounted actuators and solenoids, and available blank stations for easy future expansion.
Unit of Measure


Strainer Model

N/A F-Series 2200 External Backwashing Multiplex Unit

Body Inlet / Outlet Size

N/A 3 in76.2 mm
Inlet / Outlet Header Size1 N/A 3 in4 in8 in10 in12 in76.2 mm101.8 mm203.2 mm254 mm304.8 mm

Body Diameter

N/A 4.5 in114.3 mm

Screen Length

N/A 36 in914.4 mm
Element Styles Available2 N/A 3.25 in (82.3mm) Diameter Single, Tri-cluster, Accuflux - 7
Pressure Rating3 N/A 250 psi17.2 bar

Air Requirement (Automated Units) @ 5 cfm, for Sequencing

N/A 60 - 120 psi4.1 - 8.3 bar

Electrical Requirement (Automated Units)

N/A 110/220 V, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase

Filter Media Material

N/A Fabric: 230 - 1 micron Slotted: 1,600 - 25 microns Wire mesh: 1,650 - 2 microns

Additional Choices of Media Material Configuration

N/A TRI-CLUSTER® - three-tube 1 1/2" diameter media for 40 percent greater surface area than single element designs, with an economical initial investment

ACCUFLUX® - seven-tube or fifteen-tube media configuration more than doubles surface area, compared to single-element filters of the same size

Cake Formation Increases Operational Efficiency

N/A While the filtration media provides some of the filtration action, collected contaminants actually further increase efficiency. We call this phenomenon "cake formation." The collected solids (or "cake") trap additional contaminants. The key to making this principle work is timely cleaning - too soon and you lose the benefit, too late and the system flow becomes hindered.

Ronningen-Petter systems come factory pre-set to backwash when the differential pressure from inlet to outlet reaches 15 psi (1 bar) - typically the optimum time to initiate backwashing, although this is adjustable.

Internal and External Backwashing Configurations

N/A Ronningen-Petter F-Series is available in both internal and external backwashing configurations. Internal backwashing systems are designed for processes with system pressure greater than or equal to 45 psi (3.1 bar) and low viscosity process liquids. External backwashing systems are designed for applications with high-value process liquids and/or processes with low operating pressures.
See more image for details.

  • 1 Drain header size 3" (76.2). Consult factory for custom sizes.
  • 2 Consult media availability chart for specific retentions and types available.
  • 3 PTFE gaskets limit pressure maximum to 80 psi (5.5 bar). ASME code units are limited to 150 psi (10.3 bar).