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  • Automatic Self-Cleaning Strainers with Cenpeller™ Technology

    Solving Your Need for More Reliable Process Systems With Smarter Technology

    Eaton’s Model 2596 Automatic Self-Cleaning Pipeline Strainers with Cenpeller™ Technology are now available in 2", 3", 4", 4"L, 6", and 8" pipeline sizes. A new size unit, the "4L", will cover applications where the combination of flow rate and open area requirements may make a standard 4" too small. These smaller size strainers incorporate all the improved design features currently available on the 10" through 48" size Model 2596 Strainers, and have a higher cleaning efficiency than the Model 596 strainers that they replace.

    The Model 2596 is a motorized strainer designed for continuous, efficient removal of entrained solids from liquids in pipeline systems. Removing these solids from the system protects expensive system components from damage.

    An automated control system monitors the strainer’s operation. Cleaning is accomplished by an integral backwash system. A small portion of the screen element is isolated and cleaned by reverse flow while the remaining screen area continues to strain without interrupting system flow. This efficient design uses only a small amount of the liquid being strained to carry debris away from the strainer element.

    Eaton Automatic Self-Cleaning Strainers are used to strain fresh, brackish or salt intake water for plant services such as cooling, process, and fire protection. Process industries rely on them to protect heat exchangers, pumps, valves, and water spray nozzles. Power industry applications include straining pump seal water and traveling screen wash water. Sewage and water treatment plants use them to strain secondary effluent prior to discharge, and to provide clean plant service water. Steel mills use them for spray nozzle protection in rolling mills and other cooling water applications. Eaton Automatic Strainers can also be used on other liquid applications where the viscosity is "water-like", such as machine tool coolant. These are just some of the applications where an Eaton Strainer solves the need for more reliable process systems.

  • F-Series Backwashing/Tubular Filter Systems
  • VWS-Series Backwashing/Tubular Filter Systems

    Capture, clean, expel: how Ronningen-Petter systems from Eaton work
    Every process is unique - that’s why we offer several backwashing/tubular systems in several configurations.

    The only multi-element, single-housing filter in the backwashing/tubular family, the VWS-Series offers high-flow capability and is well-suited to code applications. Filter elements are arranged in a circular pattern within a single large housing. At the center of the system is a rotating washing arm. When an element requires cleaning, the washing arm rotates to that element. Much like the AFR-Series, when the drain valve is opened to atmosphere, a vacuum condition occurs, and the position pressure of the unit forces clean process liquid backward through the media and flushes contaminants.

    VWS-Series - high flow with a single vessel
    The VWS-Series is perfect for high-flow applications on water-like liquids - up to 22,000 gpm (4,997 m3/hr) – including surface water straining or injection water for drilling applications. Its unique multi-element, single-housing design makes it ideal for code applications and those requiring specialized materials and coatings. Backwashing is based on differential pressure, to minimize unnecessary element cleaning.

  • AFR-Series Backwashing/Tubular Filter Systems

    Capture, clean, expel: how Ronningen-Petter systems from Eaton work
    Every process is unique - that’s why we offer several backwashing/tubular systems in several configurations.

    The simple, space-saving design of the AFR-Series - with only a single moving part - is ideal for the most demanding applications. The unit features a circular configuration of up to 8 tubes surrounding a central cleaning valve. During backwash, a diverter inside the cleaning valve rotates to the tube to be cleaned. This closes the tube to the incoming process liquid and opens it to the atmosphere (via the drain line). The result causes outlet process liquid to flow in reverse through the element, cleaning it of contaminants and expelling them through the drain.

    AFR-Series - powerful performance in a compact footprint
    The revolutionary Ronningen-Petter AFR-Series can replace an 8-station multiplex tubular system with a single unit in only a one-square-meter footprint. The simplicity of the AFR-Series design also helps to reduce overall system investment demands. Single systems can handle flow rates up to 2,000 gpm (454 m3/hr) and multiple units can be combined when higher flow rates are necessary.

  • AFC-Series Backwashing/Tubular Filter Systems