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Capture, clean, expel: how Ronningen-Petter systems from Eaton work
Every process is unique - that’s why we offer several backwashing/tubular systems in several configurations.

The only multi-element, single-housing filter in the backwashing/tubular family, the VWS-Series offers high-flow capability and is well-suited to code applications. Filter elements are arranged in a circular pattern within a single large housing. At the center of the system is a rotating washing arm. When an element requires cleaning, the washing arm rotates to that element. Much like the AFR-Series, when the drain valve is opened to atmosphere, a vacuum condition occurs, and the position pressure of the unit forces clean process liquid backward through the media and flushes contaminants.

VWS-Series - high flow with a single vessel
The VWS-Series is perfect for high-flow applications on water-like liquids - up to 22,000 gpm (4,997 m3/hr) – including surface water straining or injection water for drilling applications. Its unique multi-element, single-housing design makes it ideal for code applications and those requiring specialized materials and coatings. Backwashing is based on differential pressure, to minimize unnecessary element cleaning.
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Item #

Strainer Model

Inlet/Outlet Connection


Filtration Surface Area

Total Volumetric Capacity

item-5723 N/A Filtres Philippe VWS-Series 5LF Internal Backwashing Unit N/A 4 in100 mm N/A 353 gpm80 m³/h N/A 518 in²3341 cm² N/A 11.2 gal42.4 L
item-5724 N/A Filtres Philippe VWS-Series 7LF Internal Backwashing Unit N/A 6 in150 mm N/A 794 gpm180 m³/h N/A 1051 in²6780 cm² N/A 42 gal159 L
item-5725 N/A Filtres Philippe VWS-Series 7 Internal Backwashing Unit N/A 8 in200 mm N/A 1411 gpm320 m³/h N/A 1339 in²8638 cm² N/A 45 gal170 L
item-5726 N/A Filtres Philippe VWS-Series 9 Internal Backwashing Unit N/A 10 in250 mm N/A 1852 gpm420 m³/h N/A 1728 in²11148 cm² N/A 45 gal170 L
item-5727 N/A Filtres Philippe VWS-Series 11 Internal Backwashing Unit N/A 10 in250 mm N/A 2271 gpm515 m³/h N/A 2117 in²13658 cm² N/A 71.5 gal270.6 L
item-5728 N/A Filtres Philippe VWS-Series 13 Internal Backwashing Unit N/A 12 in300 mm N/A 2712 gpm615 m³/h N/A 2505 in²16161 cm² N/A 103 gal390 L
item-5729 N/A Filtres Philippe VWS-Series 16 Internal Backwashing Unit N/A 12 in300 mm N/A 3351 gpm760 m³/h N/A 3081 in²19877 cm² N/A 103 gal390 L
item-5730 N/A Filtres Philippe VWS-Series 20 Internal Backwashing Unit N/A 14 in350 mm N/A 4189 gpm950 m³/h N/A 3859 in²24896 cm² N/A 107 gal405 L
item-5731 N/A Filtres Philippe VWS-Series 27 Internal Backwashing Unit N/A 16 in400 mm N/A 5291 gpm1200 m³/h N/A 5198 in²33535 cm² N/A 158.5 gal600 L
item-5732 N/A Filtres Philippe VWS-Series 34 Internal Backwashing Unit N/A 18 in450 mm N/A 7055 gpm1600 m³/h N/A 6552 in²42270 cm² N/A 238 gal901 L
item-5733 N/A Filtres Philippe VWS-Series 40 Internal Backwashing Unit N/A 20 in500 mm N/A 8600 gpm1950 m³/h N/A 7704 in²49703 cm² N/A 255 gal965 L
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