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Check the specs. You won’t find a tougher or more convenient tote/liner and discharge than the Arena Air-Evac Starfish or Blowfish system. You can buy or rent the Arena system to transport your non-hazardous liquids or bulk solids. Plus, our total system is a powerful tool for pollution/landfill source reduction, too. A.R.

Automate the discharge of your bulk liquids with Arena’s new Air-Evac® StarfishTM or BlowfishTM liner system—the patented air-injection bag for Arena 330 Shippers. Choose either the top or bottom for discharge. Air- Evac flies miles above conventional approaches for emptying bag-in-box IBC’s because it’s completely hands free. Simply connect to the drain, attach the air supply and walk away.

Unique Air-Injection System Offers Hands-Free Discharge.

With the Air-Evac Starfish, a spanner bar is positioned over the top of the tote. The top port quickly connects to the spanner bar and then a stainlesssteel discharge tube is inserted through the port for top discharging. Standard shop air connects to the air-delivery system to inflate the Air-Evac bag via an integrally attached, flexible sleeve. As the Starfish liner begins to inflate, product pools toward the center of the liner where it can be evacuated by the dip tube, reducing residuals and virtually eliminating waste. Air never contacts nor contaminates the stored product. The Air-Evac Starfish has been effectively tested across a broad range of product viscosities and discharge rates.

With the Air-Evac Blowfish, take off the tote cover and tap the bottom drain. Shop air is connected and air is injected between the layers of the liner, preventing air contact or contamination of the stored product. As the air bladder inflates, it forces the contents towards the bottom drain.

Both systems inflate as required by sensing the rate of product evacuation. The on-demand delivery system increases air volume as the bag content empties. The result is error-free, handsfree automatic discharge that forces residual product to the drain opening. As product pools around the drain opening, it can be easily pumped out. This helps reduce residual waste and it eliminates bag wrestling.

Minimize Excess Residuals and Eliminate Handling for Increased Product Recovery.

The inexpensive Air-Evac system reduces residuals without laborintensive handwork. Forget wringing, scraping or wrestling with the bag. You get all of the benefits of product recovery—with less labor and less monitoring, too. Simply connect the drain, attach air, and watch the savings take off.

Easier to Manage. Pops Up When Nearly Empty.

The Air-Evac liner actually alerts you when the contents of the tote are nearly emptied. As product flows out of the bag, the liquid liner rises, signaling the operator that the tote is nearly empty and should be replenished. This feature alone is what eliminates constant monitoring.

In all, you get the most convenient, cost-effective discharge system that offers immediate time and labor saving benefits—right from the start. Contact Arena for a complete demonstration of the Air-Evac Starfish or Blowfish system. We think you’ll really like flying with us.

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Air Requirements

Air-Evac BlowfishTM Liner N/A 6 lb N/A 330 gallon liquid liner N/A Nominal 3000 lb. N/A Air Requirements: Shop air at 60–80 psi input
Air-Evac StarfishTM Liner N/A 6 lb N/A 330 gallon liquid liner N/A Nominal 3000 lb. N/A Air Requirements: Shop air at 60–80 psi input
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