Industry’s Filtration Partner

Disperse hard-to-mix powders into uniform, lump-free product with independantly controlled flow and feed rates.

Only Dispershear from Arde Barinco lets you control the feed rate of solids as well as the flow rate of liquids.

The result is a remarkably efficient system that produces smooth, uniform dispersions with no waste and no agglomerates. Dispershear evenly incorporates fine powders that can be difficult to disperse with conventional systems.


Dispershear’s one-pass operation won't harm long-chain molecules or other shear-sensitive materials.

The key is the variable-speed auger running along the bottom of the solids holding hopper. By adjusting the auger's speed, you control the rate at which solids feed into the powder chute -- slowly for fine powders, faster for maximum productivity.

The liquid also enters the powder chute at the rate you specify. Because the liquid flow washes the walls of the powder chute, the problems of solids build-up and plugging are eliminated. The entire mixture is washed down into the dispersion chamber.

Residence time in the disperson chamber is a mere 0.2 seconds, requiring very little energy.


Dispershear handles a wide variety of solids (including light powders such as flour, xanthan gum and Carbopol®) and liquids (including water, solvents or any other liquid pre-mix).

It can produce low-viscosity suspensions, high-viscosity dispersions or anything in between. And it mixes large or small quantities, continuously or in batches.

This versatility makes Dispershear perfect for a variety of industries, including food, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and toiletries, textiles and coatings.


Dispershear mixes faster than conventional mixers. That's because the powder particles combine with the fluid almost instantly, and are dispersed quickly by the remarkably efficient impulser. This leads to increased production in less time. You realize material savings because there are no lumps to filter out. You reduce labor costs too, because the variable speed auger eliminates manual feeding of fine powders. And Dispershear comes apart quickly for easy cleaning with minimal down time
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Item #

Hopper Volume




Model D-1000 N/A 1/3 ft³ N/A 0.5 to 3 gpm N/A 0.1 to 10 lb/min N/A 0 to 75%
Model D-6000/6006 N/A 6 ft³ N/A 6 to 75 gpm N/A 1 to 350 lb/min N/A 0 to 75%
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